Celebrating Craftsmanship


What is a genius score without the excellence of a musician? And the most sublime landscape without the finess of the painter's strokes? What is of the greatest love without the wordsmanship of the poet to sing it the world? Art comes in all sorts of forms, but none lives without the special touch by the hand of those who are gifted, without their labourious dedication to their craft. Here's a celebration of craftsmanship, our ode to the skilled workers who have shared their vast knowledge through our garments, which would not be without their special touch.


Celebrate Handmade

This story-collection honors the finesse that is born through experienced hands.


Celebrate Skillfulness

This story-collection honors the dedication to perfection of the craft.


Celebrate Tradition

This story-collection honors the centuries of apprenticeship passed down through the generations.



Produced by Francis Stories.

Model Carolina Gusmão

Location Estufa do Jardim José do Canto

Special Thanks AVVA

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