Antonio Calderara - Subtleties of transparency

Antonio Calderara - Subtleties of transparency

Self-taught as a child growing up in Milan, the earliest influences of Antonio Calderara were the figuration and light effects used by Piero della Francesca, Seurat and the Milanese Novecento painters.

Through portraiture, landscapes and still lifes, Calderara depicted people, scenes and objects inspired by his native country – all suffused by a delicate and misty light.

By the mid-1950s, Calderara embraced a more geometric approach, starting painting simple forms and flat blocks of nebulous and subtle colour. The simple vocabulary of lines and squares, the refined colour palette and the precise measurements made is approach minimalistic and recognized internationally.

Later in life, Calderara began to focus on watercolours, a medium that perfectly captured the subtleties of transparency, as his colour palette remained focused in softness and lightness.