Quiet Stay-Away Houses

Quiet Stay-Away Houses

Looking for an Autumn stay-away in a warm, quiet and introspective place?

We suggest exploring the possibilities the rural countryside of the south of Portugal has to offer.

In the vast plains of blond tall grass timidly dancing to the soft warm breeze, cut at times by lines of oak trees or regional fruit trees and small ponds and lakes, where no soul is to be seen for miles, you will be able to find the necessary serenity to completely get loose from the busy everyday life for a few days.

We invite you to explore a few lodging options, modern yet rooted in the local architectural traditions, and perfectly immersed in this wonderful landscape, we compiled for you.

Places featured (and photos from):
Pensão Agrícola: www.pensaoagricola.com
Casa no Tempo: www.casanotempo.com
São Lourenço do Barrocal: www.barrocal.pt