Natural simplicity in ethically crafted garments with high quality natural fibres.


At Francis Stories we work each day to create garments that our customers can wear for years, both by designing thoughtful and aesthetically impeccable pieces that do not lose relevance with the turn of a season, and by investing in the highest quality natural materials and most skilled workers to create garments that endure through time.



We care about sustainability and the environment.
Our garments do too.

Animal Welfare
We use wool from the Sustaina Wool Integrity Program to guarantee the production of the highest quality wool via the sustainable management of natural and physical resources and animal welfare.
Locally Made
We produce only in Portugal, close to us, where skilled craftspeople are given superior working conditions, and also allowing for a closer oversight of the production process.
Wool From Italy
The raw materials we use in our knitwear garments are 100% made in Italy, including scouring.
Certified TF (Traceability & Fashion) - an organization of the Italian Chambers of Commerce responsible of certifying the origin of the fashion products and their raw materials.
We believe using only natural materials creates a lower impact on the environment as Nature can fully regenerate all waste that is created during use and washing and after disposal of the garments.
Chemical mixtures containing APEO/NPEO, potentially risky for the environment, animals and people, are not used in the production process.

Francis Stories garments are ethically created with high-quality natural fibres

For those who seek
the finest quality in materials and aesthetics.

For those who take a stand
for the respect towards everyone's dignity.

For those who make living better
for themselves, the others, and those to come.