This story-collection draws inspiration from the virtues of humus and all the significance it bears on the great picture of Life. Humus, as a product of the most inexorable of truths for all living things – their decay and perishing –, is humbling as a concept, as proved by the fact that both terms share the same word-root. But as humbling and raw as it may be, humus holds the richness and provides all the necessary conditions that give birth to new forms of Life. This story-collection honours the cyclical-essence of Nature by taking what it provides and giving it a simple, delicate and natural-like new life.



Nothing is ever old in Nature, but rather an opportunity for something new, and "Humus" honors the regenerative power of Nature by using the finest natural materials and giving them a new simple and delicate form.





Produced by Francis Stories.

Model Carolina Borges

Location Santa Bárbara Beach

All Rights Reserved

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