The holiday season is here, and this is a time to be enjoyed indoors in a cozy and warm environment, preparing for intimate dinners with your loved ones, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance filled with a feeling of simple and slow harmony. Enjoy with your guests the purest pleasure of the season - the company of one another.

The Christmas Tree

Nothing feels like the start of the holidays like the joy of putting up the Christmas Tree.

Wrapping the Presents

Love shows not as much on the content as it does on the small details.

Preparing the Cake

Simplicity can be the purest way of reaching everyone's hearts and warming us all inside.

Setting the Table

Joy is sitting around a table with the ones we love and sharing with them the best within us.

Lighting the Candles

The final touches bring up that special magic and let show how much our loved ones are important to us.


Produced by Francis Stories.

Location Armazéns Cogumbreiro

Model Ana Catarina Fernandes

Make up Isabel Mota