Winter in the Alps

Waking up above the spruce forest, eye level with the dormant giants that are the rough-cut, dramatic Dolomites peaks, lurking in the morning fog, is a sight to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Such a scenery, such an immersion in Nature that floods your senses with calm and peace, can be fully experienced at FORESTIS, a hotel retreat surrounded by Nature, where you can feel how, in the grand scheme of the world, time really just stands still during the short breath that our lives are.

The whole experience at FORESTIS - your room, the food, the spa, the outdoor activities - connects you tighter to Nature. The soft and natural tones, the ever-present forest scents, the low mountain light, the ecoes of water around the spa, all give you a flooding sense of relaxation, of fully fitting in.

We found our stay at FORESTIS to be an invaluable one, an experience to be surely repeated rather soon. A retreat to get back to when we seek comfort, calm, one that gives us the deepest inspiration and which fully complements the visual and sensorial feelings and sensations we always seek to convey on our garments.

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