Jotun Lady New Color Chart

Jotun Lady New Color Chart

When talking color inspiration, you can’t skip Jotun Lady’s color cards.

The 2019 color card has just been presented, and revolves around three key color identities: Calm, Refined and Raw.

The Calm identity is perfectly represented by neutrals and clean, soothing tones, from creamy whites to beech-like tones of beige, perfect for incorporating natural looking light-coloured wooden furniture.

The Refined identity comes across almost as an evolution of the Calm identity by leveraging on its soothing tones and providing them with a hint of modernity, through the incorporation of light amounts of pale purple or green tones.

Finally, the Raw identity puts us in direct contact with Nature and its earthy brown colours, in a mixture of dull sobriety and an at-last-at-home feeling.

Photos are courtesy of Jotun Lady 
Styling  by Kråkvik & D´Orazio
Photography by Line Klein